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Room: Von Wersins Kitchen

We arrived at the palatial kitchen. This is the ideal place to try, taste, make and experiment. Everything in the kitchen is not a 'exhibit,' but instead utensils, instruments or ingredients that are on the stock shelves ready for usage. As the Initiator of the palace once told me, the name of the kitchen refers to the architect and designer Wolfgang von Wersin; who researched the elements and application of ornaments. In his recipe book, Das elementäre Ornament und seine Gesetzlichkeit (‘The Elementary Ornament and its Laws’) of which fragments are scattered through the kitchen, Von Wersin briefly sets out what he considers the base elements of ornamentation. Herein he observed that forms recur throughout history and are repeatedly developed by each new civilisation into entirely unique creations and styles. Ornamental forms and decorative patterns seem to pinpoint, therewith, at recurrent tendencies and historical continuity of visual languages. So, let us have a look and see what is cooking.

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