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The Playground of the In-Between

Behind this curious system of partially intersecting dividers and open spaces lies The Playground of the In-Between: a salon-like setting in the depths of this department. There’s not much to be seen apart from a few well-stocked bookcases with the work and thoughts of various illustrious and less-revered representatives.

In today’s world, how can we achieve the freedom required by graphic design to expand and assert itself through everything it has to offer? Since the ambition to take maximum advantage of what graphic design has to offer is under pressure nowadays, The Palace of Typographic Masonry is intended as a meeting place, an environment that sheds light on and provides a platform for new ways to stimulate critical imagination, for playful contributions to public life and for the uninhibited and disruptive experience of customs and stereotypes in our perception. That’s different to merely serving a market.

The Playground of the In-Between makes a plea for a practice that is able to exploit the professions’ potential through the concept of the encounter. Encounters can evoke a meandering exchange and an ambiguous, dynamic in-between space. How does such a practice come into existence? What is required for it?

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