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Welcome to the
Palace Of Typographic Masonry
An (imaginary) institute for the splendour and variety of graphic languages
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An Alphabet of Cases
The arrangement of An Alphabet of Cases
04 May 2022
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An overview of the nine departments of the Palace
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The Library of Inextricable Books
Publication by Esther de Vries
14 October 2021
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The Palace’s Representative Office
The case of the Veranda of Floating Threads
03 September 2021
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The Bonus Room
Posters by Bart de Baets
18 February 2021
Get introduced to Typographic Masonry in
At the Palace's entrance
Poster by Harmen Liemburg
Publication The Veranda of Floating Threads
‘The Redemptive Qualities Of Ornament’ written by Dirk Vis
Poster by Richard Niessen
Envelope with updated collection
Ornamental portal by Rietlanden Womens Office
Box by Richard Niessen
Updated Source Collection Von Wersin's Kitchen
Partial map Litterae Ignotae
Overview map The Annex of Universal Languages
Partial map The Evolution of Emoji into a Language
Introduction The Annex of Universal Languages by Richard Niessen
Poster by Richard Niessen
Source collection The Polarised Parlour
Signpost by Vanessa van Dam
Poster by fanfare
Source Collection Palatial Examples
Box by Richard Niessen
Last letter to the Minister
Third letter to the Minister
Second letter to the Minister
First letter to the Minister
Undeciphered characters in The Palace of Typographic Masonry 01: Harriët van Reek
Source collection Sister Corita Kent
Source collection Ed Fella
ED FELLA by Harmen Liemburg
Source collection Niklaus Troxler
Source collection Subtitles
Magnet blocks by Cleo Tsw
Stiktype by Alex Walker
Poster by Richard Niessen
Biography Wolfgang von Wersin
Original Source Collection Von Wersin's Kitchen
Jingles by fanfare
More than 25 commissioned pieces
600 Index cards
Practical info
Flexible exhibition format, audiotour & collaborations
Over 150 physical objects
An Alphabet of Cases
Posters by Mathias Schweizer
Source collection Hallway of the Subjective Narrative
Space Atlas by Studio Joost Grootens
Source collection of The Playground of the In-between
3. M for Living In
2. A is for Analogy
1. In Search for Lost Figuration
4. Another Letter in the Wall
Excerpt II: Professional associations and engaging colleagues in the absence of design criticism.
Excerpt III: Art education and the fault line in society
Excerpt I: Institutes erected and dismantled
Invitation by Richard Niessen
Source Collection of Inextricable Books
Test Press selection by Åbäke
Coding Kente
04 Symbols and Legends
07 Sum of its Parts
06 Digital Logic
05 Patterns (Some General Observations)
03 Mastering the Variables
02 Interweaving Variables
01 Kente
Source collection The Veranda of Floating Threads
Source collection The Bonus Room
Introduction to The Unfolding Arch of Forging Fantasy
Source collection The Unfolding Arch of Forging Fantasy
4. Design as Art: restoring contact between art and the public
1. The Arts and Crafts of To-day: a moral framework for art and society
The four criteria of permutation
Source collection Passage of Entanglement
Conversation between Richard Niessen, Els Kuijpers & Julius Vermeulen
Source collection Studiolo of Plans
Source collection The Modest Master's Mesmerizing Screen Print Shop
Exhibition 'The Typotectural Suites' as Alphabetum V in West, Den Haag
The Typotectural Suites by Tony Côme
Source collection The Typotectural Suites
2. Manifesto of the Staatliches Bauhaus: giving shape to the spirit of the new times
Source collecting Building Sets Storage
Building Sets Storage by Tony Côme
Box by Richard Niessen
10. Partager le Regard: an antidote for division and fragmentation
9. Research and Destroy: generating your own meaning from your own resources
8. Graphic designer as producer: taking charge of the work’s content and social function
7. There is such a thing as society: internal divide casts a shadow over graphic design’s role in society
6. The Social Role of the Graphic Designer
5. First Things First: the all-powerful lure of advertising, set against the small scale of graphic design
3. Composition of Time and Place: the indestructible world of the craftsman
Source collection Game Board Corridor
The Masonic Lobby by Dirk van Weelden
HENDRIK WIJDEVELD by Richard Niessen
Source collection Hendrik Wijdeveld
Source collection The Masonic Lobby
Invitation by Richard Niessen
Poster by Richard Niessen
Source Collection The Written Keystones
Source collection Test Press
Source collection The Exchange Room
Source collection
Source collection The Gridded Section
Source collection Annex of Universal Languages
Source collection Labyrinth of Scripts
Chamber Three: Man as Model by Matthijs van Boxsel
Chamber Two: The Quadrature of the Circle by Matthijs van Boxsel
Chamber One: The Demiurge by Matthijs van Boxsel
Vestibule of the Cosmographic Chambers by Matthijs van Boxsel
In Closing by Matthijs van Boxsel
Source collection The Cosmographic Chambers
Source Collection Tracing Board Treasury
Test Press at Enter Enter
Box by Richard Niessen
Box by Richard Niessen
Screen print by Harmen Liemburg
Overview of the exhibition
Waltzing Grids
Lectures and opening
Film by Janna & Hilde Meeus
Overview of the Tracing Board Treasury
Introduction by Richard Niessen (in Dutch)
Impression of the Tracing Board Treasury by Nejc Prah
Lectures by Harmen Liemburg and Jelle van der Toorn Vrijthoff
Poster by Richard Niessen
Test Press Catalogue
Test Press Room at Le Bel Ordinaire
The Chamber of Transformation at Weltformat
Guided tour by The Rodina
Source Collection The Gallery of Modernity & Nostalgia
Source collection The Asemic Cabinet
Lecture on Performative Design
Box by The Rodina
Invitation by The Rodina
Parmagedon by Moniker
Hexagons by Moniker
Invitation by Richard Niessen
Poster by Richard Niessen
Poster by The Rodina
Lecture Huda Abi Farès
NIKLAUS TROXLER by Daniel Wiesmann
Invitation by Richard Niessen
Poster by Richard Niessen
Poster by Richard Niessen
Palatial Examples at Typojanchi 2017
Poster by Richard Niessen
Poster by Richard Niessen
Lecture Uzume Wijnsma
Poster by Richard Niessen
BOODSCHAPPEN VAN VER by Dirk van Weelden (in Dutch)
LABYRINT VAN SCHRIFTTEKENS by Dirk van Weelden (in Dutch)