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The Palace’s Representative Office

To get an impression of the richness and diversity of THE PALACE OF TYPOGRAPHICAL MASONRY, the 26 drawers that make up An Alphabet of Cases offer a cross-section of the nine departments of the building and their multiplicity of spaces.

This three-part chest of drawers contains over 150 collected works for display and, as yet, over 25 commissioned contributions reflecting a wide variety of aspects of the graphic design profession, in the form of books, videos, card sets, maps, posters, signposts, stencils or building kits.

After this representation of the immense edifice was on display for the first time at Graphic Days in Turin, An Alphabet of Cases has returned for the time being to The Palace’s Representative Office. Occasionally a drawer will be set up here, so that the contents will be accessible to those interested.


Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1020, 1095 MP Amsterdam

Open by appointment Thu-fri-sat 13-18 hrs

Appointment: info@palaceoftypographicmasonry.nl

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